British tourist ‘is raped’ in Argentina by fellow backpacker before suspect is arrested ‘trying to flee hostel by coach’

  • The alleged rapist was found with cocaine on him when he was arrested

A man accused of raping a British tourist has been captured by police in Argentina following a police manhunt.

The Italian national was held as he allegedly tried to flee a hostel in the western Argentinian city of Mendoza where both he and the UK holidaymaker had been staying.

Police arrested him on a coach in the province of Buenos Aires which was heading towards Misiones in the north-east of the South American country.

The 31-year-old was held on an arrest warrant issued by a court in Mendoza after his alleged victim filed a formal complaint.

He is said to have been found in possession of a small amount of cocaine when police detained him.

The alleged rapist was caught as by police as he tried to escape on a coach and was arrested

The alleged rapist was caught as by police as he tried to escape on a coach and was arrested

Although he was travelling on an Italian passport, the man police held lives in London.

The alleged rape was reported last Friday.

The arrest took place today at a police roadblock on a main road called Ruta 9 near the town of San Nicolas de los Arroyos a two-and-a-half drive north of the Argentinian capital Buenos Aires.

Detectives had received a tip-off he was on the vehicle and was heading for the city of Misiones near Argentina’s border with Paraguay and Brazil.

The suspect will now be taken back to Mendoza for questioning.

Authorities released photos of them arresting the wanted man by the coach he was on.

He was pictured with his hands being cuffed behind his back by an armed police officer.

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