From a £3,000 Hermes bomber jacket to £195 Joan of Arctic boots, hidden meanings behind Meghan’s ‘rich mom energy’ ski-slope wardrobe (worth over £44,000!)

Getting dressed is a minefield these days. Not only do you have to worry about whether your clothes are in fashion, there’s also increasing pressure to worry about their provenance.

Are they from the High Street? If so, you could be guilty of abetting fast fashion. Where is your jewellery from? Those precious stones had better be ethically sourced, or you’ll be in trouble with the fashion police.

No one knows this better than Meghan, the queen of carefully coded outfits. While she was in Whistler, Canada, to support Prince Harry’s preparations for next year’s Invictus Games in the town, no sooner had she touched down than, for fashion watchers around the world, the ‘label games’ began.

Out of the hundreds — nay, thousands — of snow boots Meghan could have worn, she chose a £195 pair of Joan Of Arctic boots by Sorel. Coincidence, or subliminal way of aligning herself with the martyred saint, put to the stake by representatives of an English king?

Like Joan, Meghan is known by several names, has a distinctive and much commented-upon look, and has been tried — at least in the court of public imagination — for many perceived crimes against the Royal Family.

Wrapped up: Meghan¿s all-white outfit featuring Joan of Arctic boots

Wrapped up: Meghan’s all-white outfit featuring Joan of Arctic boots

Cosy: Meghan in a cashmere beanie and a Hermes puffer jacket

Cosy: Meghan in a cashmere beanie and a Hermes puffer jacket

Most visitors to a ski resort would see an all-white outfit as impractical, but not Meghan, who teamed said boots with a £600 ivory cashmere crew neck from Los Angeles-based label Co; £200 white skinny jeans from Frame; and a quilted, cream, down-filled jacket by Calvin Klein worth £234.

To this, she added a black Burberry cashmere beanie hat with a pom pom — in faux fur, of course. It was a cosy, girl-next-door look that harked back to the clothes she wore when she and Harry first started dating. (Let’s not forget their first outing as a couple was at the 2017 Invictus Games.)

Was this meant to suggest they’re as madly in love as they were then? That Meghan is still the same Meghan — albeit with a Duchess of Montecito makeover that includes a £44,000 Whistler wardrobe?

Hence the jewellery — ethical, of course. Alongside the Cartier Tank Francaise watch that once belonged to Princess Diana, she wore a diamond ring from Shiffon, a jewellery firm that helps support businesses that empower women via its Startup Girl Foundation.

That evening, on Valentine’s Day no less, Meghan donned a £4,600 cherry-red coat by every stealth wealth fan’s favourite label, Loro Piana, teamed with a matching red cross-body bag worth £1,700 from Valentino.

Romantic gifts from Prince Harry? We’ll never know — but they certainly beat a dozen red roses.

The Loro Piana coat was part of an odyssey of outerwear through which Meghan showed off the ‘rich mom energy’ that befits her Montecito lifestyle.

Chic: The Duchess in a £1,068 alpaca coat by Sentaler and black riding boots worth £950

Chic: The Duchess in a £1,068 alpaca coat by Sentaler and black riding boots worth £950

Army green: Meghan at an Invictus dinner in her Oseph dress and ethical necklace

Army green: Meghan at an Invictus dinner in her Oseph dress and ethical necklace

She could have saved herself thousands by going to Mountain Warehouse, but no: back on the slopes, she paired a £3,000 navy Hermes puffer jacket with £155 jeans by La Ligne and a £44 Aritzia cashmere beanie. Even her phone case is by Bottega Veneta, with a price tag of £199.

Later that night, she donned a £1,890 belted cream coat by Toronto-based brand Sentaler. Let’s hope her date, Prince Harry, appreciated the soft alpaca wool from which it was made. Alpaca wool is marketed as cruelty-free, as the animals roam freely in their natural habitat, and are sheared in summer to prevent heat stroke.

The next day, she was seen in a £1,068 alpaca cape by the same label, this time in dark camel. It was worn with riding boots from Co worth £950, despite there being nary a horse in sight, and her outfit was lent even more of an equestrian feel by long Max Mara gloves.

For her final look, Meghan pulled out all the ethical stops in a £1,300 Oseph gown by Greta Constantine featuring her favourite off-shoulder, asymmetric neckline. Like the Princess of Wales, the Duchess loves to support female designers.

Nor was its ‘army green’ colour an accident, given that it was worn for the One Year To Go Invictus dinner, an event that honours the resilience and camaraderie of the troops.

As a final flourish, she added a £12,569 diamond tennis necklace by Logan Hollowell. But these weren’t just any diamonds: these were lab-created diamonds whose conscience was as clean as a newborn babe’s.

It was the perfect end to a pitch-perfect series of looks. Her stylist, if she has one, deserves an (ethically sourced) gold medal.

REVEALED: Some unseen snaps from Meghan’s childhood 

She’s one of the most photographed women in the world – but in 1981, she made her debut to a much smaller audience.

In previously unseen photos shared by the Duchess of Sussex’s cousin, Meghan Markle is a newborn, cradled in the loving arms of her grandmother Jeanette.

Another baby photo shows her a cosy black hoodie – bearing a striking resemblance to son Archie, now five, at the same age.

All smiles: Meghan in her Sunday best

On vacation: Meghan swimming in Hawaii

Left: Meghan in her Sunday best and right, Meghan swimming in Hawaii

Snuggles: A newborn Meghan is kissed by grandma Jeanette

Snuggles: A newborn Meghan is kissed by grandma Jeanette

Baby Meghan

Baby Archie at four months old

Same eyes: A young Meghan, left, and her son Archie pictured in 2019 at four months 

In an exclusive interview with, Shawn Johnson, 43, said of his cousin: ‘She was always really sweet… She was kind and she always had a star quality about her.

‘She was infectious with just the way she was and really mature for her age. She was always really looking after us and making sure that we’re all doing fine.’

The cousins lost contact in their early twenties.

The duchess is now estranged from everyone in her family, with the exception of her mother Doria.

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