From lilac eyes to glazed blush, ROSIE GREEN unveils the four beauty trends to flatter all

The term ‘fashion victim’ could have been coined for my younger self. I had a 1980s Diana flick sprayed so solid with Silvikrin I risked lift-off in strong winds. 

In Madonna’s Jean Paul Gaultier era I couldn’t afford his corsetry, so I created my own look with girdles from the local ladies’ outfitters (which I wore out-out).

I plucked my eyebrows to oblivion and sported the Rachel cut in the 90s, while in the noughties I was at one with the hair straighteners.

The good thing about getting older, for me anyway, is no longer being a slave to new trends. Even if I like them I think carefully about whether they’d suit me before adopting them. And I know not to bother with some (sadly, putty nail varnish = corpse hands for me).

Now I can enjoy the frisson of new-season newness and the opportunity to change things up while still sticking to what feels right for my style. In celebration of this realisation, here is advice from the beauty pros on how to make the latest trends flattering for women who aren’t 20-something supermodels.


Helen Mirren rocks the latest look for lids

 Helen Mirren rocks the latest look for lids 

Lilac and blues are the shades for lids this season – and before this trend gives you Mrs Slocombe flashbacks, rest assured the latest iteration is fresh and flattering. 

Bobbi Brown global pro artist Amy Conway agrees: ‘These cooler tones can knock years off you and, in the same way blue-undertone lipsticks make teeth look whiter, pale lilacs, greys and blues on lids will brighten up the whites of eyes. My favourite take on this look is navy eyeliner, which suits all eye colours, skin tones and ages.’


Jennifer Lopez nails almond talons

Jennifer Lopez nails almond talons

Dior Vernis in Lilac Organza, £27,

Dior Vernis in Lilac Organza, £27,

Move over, square-oval shapes – almond nails are back on everyone from Taylor Swift to Jennifer Lopez. This is good news for fingers of every age because the elegant shape beautifully elongates them. Nail guru Harriet Westmoreland says teaming this shape with a generous layer of hand cream is non-negotiable for older women for an instant smoothing and plumping effect. She loves The Gel Bottle H2O Cream as it’s infused with rich botanical oils, nourishing fatty acids and glycerin.


Angela Bassett works a rosy glow

Angela Bassett works a rosy glow

This season, ‘glazed blush’ is the thing, but don’t let the pretentious name of the trend put you off, because the dewy rosy cheeks seen on the catwalks and at awards ceremonies are, according to Amy Conway, ‘flattering for all ages. 

It’s all about layering a rich moisturiser, then a cream blush and finally adding a highlight powder – though not one too shimmery as that can exaggerate lines on mature skin. If you want even more glow, add another layer of moisturiser over the blusher for a truly glazed finish.’


Hannah Waddingham keeps it short and chic

Hannah Waddingham keeps it short and chic

We are all old enough to have seen countless bob revivals, and this season there are new versions of the classic to choose from, including the butterfly bob (winged, curtain-like fringes), the pixie bob (short) and the resurgence of the lob (long bob). ‘There’s a style for everyone, whatever your face shape, age or hair texture, and they look incredibly chic on older women,’ says Ben Cooke, A-list stylist, co-founder of the Lockonego salon and creator of Victoria Beckham’s noughties pob (posh bob). 

‘If your hair needs a volume boost it’s about adding subtle layers – soft ones around the face and then invisible layers inside the bob. A style with blunt ends will also make hair look thicker.’

Deputy beauty editor: Alice Robertson.

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