From small and cuddly to crazy and squirrel-obsessed – meet the canine companions of the YOU crew (you decide if their owners look like them)

(From left) Bruce, 3, a miniature poodle

Owner Luisa Avietti

In three words Affectionate, loyal, gentle.

Best friend Me!

Worst enemy Foxes.

Good dog! He has such a loving temperament. 

Bad dog! Sleeps on the bed, where he’s not allowed, and won’t come in after a late-night wee.

Charlie, 4, a terrier cross (rescue from Cyprus),

Owner Mark McDonald

In three words Our little miracle.

Best friend The fridge door.

Worst enemy Anything airborne.

Good dog! His attitude to life is horizontal.

Bad dog! That time he ate my daughter’s AirPods.

Ronnie, 3, a border terrier

Owner Leo Walstow

In three words Totally squirrel obsessed.

Best friend Balls.

Worst enemy The Hoover – he tries to bite it.

Good dog! Small and super chilled – you can take him anywhere.

Bad dog! Once lost his dogwalker for two hours. Also a magnet for fox poo.

Pixie, 4, a cavapoochon

Owner Rosie Green

In three words Little bit tubby.

Best friend Everyone!

Worst enemy Articulated lorries.

Good dog! Endlessly loving.

Bad dog! Once left a deposit on the dog sitter’s cream carpet. Also yawns in my face – not minty fresh.

Merlin, 6 months , an Italian greyhound

Owner Jessica Carroll

In three words Crazy, loving diva.

Best friend Hamish (toy scottish terrier).

Worst enemy The wind.

Good dog! Scratch the right spot on his back and he’ll reward you with a toothy grin.

Bad dog! Steals from the bin and refuses to go outside in a light drizzle.

Picture editor: Stephanie Belingard. 

Stylist: Stephanie Sofokleous.

Hair and make-up: Julia Wren, Britta Dicke and Kenny Leung at Carol Hayes

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