Horrifying moment bear turns on ringmaster and pins him to the ground in front of screaming crowd during circus show

  • Asian black bears such as the one in the video can weight over 30 stone 
  • The circus performer suffered no major injuries after the incident on stage 

This is the moment a bear turns on its ringmaster and pins him to the floor in front of shocked spectators at a circus show in China.

The performer had to bear the weight of three men as the beast can clock in at over 30 stone.

The animal, named Xiong Xiong made its unexpected move mid-show at a circus in the city of Huzhou last Tuesday.

The video shows the bear and two artists standing on stage in the middle of an act when the animal decides to tackle one of the performers to the ground.

The second man rushes in to help his colleague break free from the bear’s powerful grip.

The male Asian black bear can weigh as much as 30 stone - females are about 20 stone

The male Asian black bear can weigh as much as 30 stone – females are about 20 stone

Chinese media reported that it took up to six circus staff to rescue the artist and place the bear in its cage, as stunned spectators watched in awe.

The Asian black bear (Ursus Thibetanus) also known as the white-chested bear, is a medium-sized bear native to Asia/

Females are significantly smaller than males, weighing around 20 stone. 

It is far from the first time a Chinese circus performer has been attacked by a bear during a show – and compared to previous incidents, the man in the video got off quite lightly.

In December, a smaller black bear riding roller skates suddenly lost control, lunging at and biting one of the handlers.

An eyewitness, attending the show with a child, described the bear’s first round on a balancing scooter as normal, but in the second round, it made the unexpected  attack.

Staff managed to restrain the bear and moments later, it released the handler’s leg and turned its attention to popcorn scattered on the ground.

After the bear finished its impromptu snack, the handler, seemingly injured, managed to successfully guide the bear off the stage.

On December 11th, a spokesperson for the area where the circus is based, assured that the animal trainer was examined at the hospital and suffered no major injuries.

They emphasised the accidental nature of the incident, noting that the trainer had bear bite marks without bleeding.

The spokesperson hinted at the potential reconsideration of such performances in the future, acknowledging the need to prioritise safety.

The Institute of Animal Law in Asia is calling on a ban on animals in circus performances.

They say: ‘Keeping animals in captivity and using them for entertainment can cause stress and aggression.

‘A lot of wild animals that are used in circuses tend to live in family groups in the wild.

‘Apart from having unnatural surroundings of other incompatible animals and an unnatural environment – being cramped in four walls – they are treated with violence and intimidation that lead to animals’ stress.

The circus performer was left with no major injuries after the incident on stage

The circus performer was left with no major injuries after the incident on stage

‘It does not only harm animals themselves but also impacts public safety because some animals are driven insane and injure or kill people.’

Asian black bears are listed as ‘vulnerable’ on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

They are endangered mainly due to deforestation and poaching for their body parts, which are used in traditional medicine.

Despite being endangered, they are still the most common bear in Asia. 

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