How to spot a cheater: Woman reveals two signs to look out for that many forget about – and the trick has never failed her

A woman has shared two red flags to look out for in men – and those who fit the bill have been caught cheating every time.

Fiona Shea, from Los Angeles, recently revealed how to spot a guy with ‘cheater energy’.

Both of her tips focused around the man’s Instagram account, and she said that the theory has ‘never failed her’.

‘I’ve witnessed the guys who fall into the two categories do such suspicious things,’ she said in a video.

The signs are if the man either follows a lot of women he doesn’t know – especially women with fitness accounts – or if he follows every woman he’s ever interacted with. 

‘From my experience, they either have an Instagram account and follow a lot of women they don’t know,’ Fiona said.

‘If I see that he follows a bunch of fitness girls, I know he’s down to cheat.’

On the other hand, she also said the opposite was ‘equally bad’.

‘If he follows every girl he has ever met, he has cheater energy. The woman who serves him at the taco truck – he’s following her,’ she said.

‘If they’ve spoken, if they’ve crossed paths, he’s got her Instagram.’

Fiona also recommended people look out for men who don’t have any social media at all or have a lot of female friends.

‘The guys with no social media flirt with women in person – they’ll flirt with the waitress in front of you and brush it off as them being charming,’ she said.

‘If the guy has a lot of female friends – you think he’s friendly. But then you realise some of the lines are blurred.’

Fiona Shea, from Los Angeles, recently revealed how to spot a guy with 'cheater energy'

Fiona Shea, from Los Angeles, recently revealed how to spot a guy with ‘cheater energy’

Many agreed with Fiona’s list and added tips of their own.

‘Always check their follow list. Tells you all you need to know!’ one said.

‘One time I was on a date and he followed the girl who was singing at the restaurant we were at,’ another shared. ‘Didn’t even speak to her – just looked her up online.’

‘My ex tried to tell me he was following other women to “build his business account”. I never believed him. Men are insane,’ a woman said.

‘It’s crazy how my man would sleep with his phone in his pocket,’ another added.

A woman shared a story about her experience with someone who didn’t have social media.

‘I found out my ex promised to be monogamous with a woman but lied. He got caught because someone he was seeing tagged him in a photo on Facebook.

‘Now he has no socials. Most the time it’s so they can appear single and not get caught again.’

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