I went on a lunch date with the world’s most famous adult star Angela White, writes JANA HOCKING, and everything is about to change for me in the bedroom

It’s not every day an email pops into your inbox asking if you would like to go on a lunch date with a world-famous adult star. But last Tuesday that’s exactly what happened.

I was aimlessly staring into the abyss, pondering whether to commit to a new season of Real Housewives or stick with Vanderpump Rules when ‘ping’ comes the invite.

It took me all of 0.03 seconds to respond with an ‘absolutely, yes’ to said lunch date before heading to a particularly raunchy site in the name of ‘research’. How fun is my job.

I typed in Angela White, and up came her subscription site that had a whopping 931,000 subscribers – which is nothing compared to the 9.9 million followers she has on Instagram.

As I scrolled over the videos, I came across many preferences to choose from. Lesbian, group, solo, DP, threesomes and many more that are far too racy to name here. 

Jana Hocking, pictured right, had lunch with adult star Angela White

Jana Hocking, pictured right, had lunch with adult star Angela White

At first she felt intimidated by the busty pocket-rocket - but Angela, pictured, put her at ease quickly

At first she felt intimidated by the busty pocket-rocket – but Angela, pictured, put her at ease quickly 

I’m not going to lie; I was slightly shocked. Here was a woman who was up for all sorts of things AND she was brave enough to put it on film. I suddenly felt very vanilla.

She seemed, fierce, fabulous and in charge. I was a little intimidated to meet her, but my curiosity far outweighed any hesitation to back out.

It turns out I was nervous for nothing, because when I arrived I was greeted with a big warm hug from a tiny pocket-rocket of a woman, measuring the same height as me – 5’3 – but with huge natural breasts that she highlighted in a sexy all-black ensemble. She was quiet but confidently spoken and very feminine with flawless skin, hair and makeup.

I’ll admit I was expecting her to be a little tough and defensive considering I was about to ask her some pretty in-depth questions about her chosen career, but thankfully she was lovely and had a great sense of humour.

Jana said Angela was happy to talk about anything - which made the girly chat delightful

Jana said Angela was happy to talk about anything – which made the girly chat delightful 

I knew we were in for a good girls’ chat at lunch.

We sat down to order, and I promptly asked for a dirty gin martini and she orders… water. Turns out Angela doesn’t drink. Ashamedly I will admit my first thought was, ‘Well, how the heck does she get through her scenes?’

I was quick to discover that her job is a genuine passion project; in fact, she confessed she knew she wanted to work in porn since she was 14 years old. So, no alcohol required, just a healthy libido. Bravo, Angela, bravo!

Over the next hour and a half, we indulged in a decadent lunch and a nothing-off-limits chat that left me feeling slightly in awe.

Here are eight facts I found out over lunch that shocked me…

1. Her most popular content is called ‘Gonzo scenes’

Hardly a sexy name, but these are non-scripted scenes that puts the viewer in the picture.

So, it could be filmed by one of the people taking part in the scene with a handheld camera, or a director who has also agreed to take part in the scene. She said ‘not necessarily sexually but they could be asking the talent questions or directing them what to do, or sometimes they are part of the scene’.

It comes from Gonzo journalism, which is a form of writing where they are part of the piece. She said it’s ‘the most natural, authentic and allows the most chemistry’.

They met over lunch and talked about the porn industry in detail

They met over lunch and talked about the porn industry in detail 

2. You don’t just rock up on set and get your kit off

Oh, no. There is a long process professional porn stars must go through before they hit record. I found it fascinating.

First, the porn company will first reach out to her agent who will then contact her and run her through the shoot they are wanting to achieve. She will have approval over the script and then must sign a document that clearly outlines what she will and won’t do in a scene. 

She then has approval over the talent who are in the scene with her, and her outfits. 

Once she is on set, she and the other talent will sit down with a talent liaison officer, and they go through a ‘boundary checklist’ that once again outlines what they will and won’t do. There is also space for clarification.

The list goes on and on. The talent liaison is also there on set to advocate for performers rights. They will watch the whole scene and can step in if needed.

Angela said there is also a lot of preparation that goes into a sex scene and there are some acts she prefers to do with specific partners.

Angela revealed porn scenes go for 30 minutes and are 'a cardio workout'

Angela revealed porn scenes go for 30 minutes and are ‘a cardio workout’ 

3. The general rule is a porn scene must go for 30 minutes

Oooft! Despite most people not being able to last that long, the general rule of thumb for a porn film is that it must go for 30 minutes. Angela admitted it’s the equivalent of a full cardio workout.

4. The secret to keeping a loyal audience is making it feel personal

She said many reality stars go on OnlyFans and don’t last long because the viewer just wants to see them nude and then unsubscribe. 

She said she keeps her audience through authenticity and keeping engaged with fans, constantly responding to messages and taking note of feedback. 

Each month she analyses the data and finds out what videos were bought the most.

Angela said ‘threesomes are very popular, because for men that’s their ultimate fantasy’. 

5. Her most popular videos are instruction videos for women

Yes, her female fan base is strong, and women pay a lot to get videos from her. 

‘I call them Jill-off instruction, and the women love it. I actually use my flashlight, which is a mold of my own vagina to show them how I like to be touched,’ she said.

Instantly fascinated, I asked how a flashlight is made, and she explained ‘there’s people in the room waiting for you to be aroused before they paint goo on your vulva’. 

‘So now I have my own toy and it’s really fun because I get to use it in my videos to show women [how I reach orgasm]’.

I shamefully told her I always assumed OnlyFans was created for men, but she said some of her highest paying audience are women because they like the more intimate videos.

‘Women are sexual creatures and there is a real market for them,’ she said.

Jana said she could never be a porn star

Jana said she could never be a porn star 

6. She’s non-monogamous and polyamorous

Angela said she’s had a strong libido since her teen years and likes to be open to every opportunity. 

When I asked her how she navigates dating multiple people, she said that most are fine with sharing her, but that doesn’t mean they want to as well. 

‘Sometimes that’s because there is a libido difference. I think that whatever relationship dynamic works for you is the right one,’ she said.

But for her right now, it’s being ethically non-monogamous.

7. She credits the movie ‘American Pie’ for allowing her to never age out of the industry

Yep, Stifler’s mum has a lot to be thanked for! I asked Angela what was next once she got to an age where it was ‘no longer viable’ and her answer pleasantly surprised me. 

She explained it’s not possible to age out of the industry, stating ‘older women are really appreciated in the adult entertainment industry, and American Pie has a lot to do with that, calling it ‘the MILF revolution’.

She said: ‘Mature woman have become a cultural phenomenon because they know what they want and are sexually experienced. 

‘I think it’s positive because culturally there is a general thought that women lose their sex appeal when they age and that has shifted a little. We’re seeing it through downloads.’

8. The porn industry has strict rules around STD testing

I had a theory that it is probably safer to be a porn star then a single person in Sydney right now, and she completely agreed. 

They have three different tests they must undertake legally every 14 days.  

‘They test for everything and I overlap mine, so I get a test every 12 days,’ she said.

‘The best thing about being in the industry is that we learn about new STDs before the general public does. We know the latest science, the best ways to test and the best treatment. So every 12 days I’m getting tested – vaginal swabs, throat swabs, anal swabs and bloods. We’re always on top of it,’ she said.

She even went so far as showing me her latest results. She doesn’t muck around when it comes to her health and safety.

I left the lunch with a new respect for the industry, and her work ethic. Here is a woman who found a career she was passionate about and turned it into a multi-million-dollar business. 

Is it something I could ever do? No. I tried filming myself once with an ex and watching it back was not cute. So, kudos to those who not only do it, but make it look good. I would go so far as saying it truly is an artform.

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