London amateur team REFUSE to play against opponents ‘MHFC’ over their ‘horrific examples of misogyny’ – and won’t even use the team’s real name due to its offensive nature

  • A London amateur team boycotted a match due to their opponent’s team name
  • They have now pulled out of another game with the same club this weekend
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London amateur team Camden and Islington United (Candi) have boycotted a second straight match against Munter Hunters FC while there is an investigation into the club.

Candi’s men’s team refused to play Munter Hunters in the Wembley Cup last Sunday due to the team’s name, which was registered to the league as MHFC.

Munter is a derogatory term for someone that is considered unattractive, and is typically targeted at women. 

They also cited ‘horrific examples of misogyny’ on the MHFC’s social media accounts as another reason for not playing.

They have now taken the decision to pull out of this weekend’s Premier Plate clash against the same opponents after raising concerns about the safety of the teams while the investigation into MHFC is ongoing.

London amateur team Candi have pulled out of a second straight match against Munter Hunters FC after raising concerns about their team name and 'horrific examples of misogyny'

London amateur team Candi have pulled out of a second straight match against Munter Hunters FC after raising concerns about their team name and ‘horrific examples of misogyny’

Candi won the Wembley Cup and Premier Plate last season, but have boycotted games in both competitions within the space of a week. 

Explaining their refusal to play against MHFC again, Candi’s captain Billy Doyle said: ‘We were again told, in no ­uncertain terms, that we would have to compete against MHFC this coming weekend. We declined.

‘Candi will be standing strong on its principles and is willing to forfeit defending our titles as winners of both cups to show the women in our club and our wider community that we will not tolerate an environment in which they are not safe and respected. 

‘We’re encouraged by the assurances of the Amateur FA that a prompt and rigorous investigation will take place, but it should never have come to this. It shouldn’t be on the shoulders of this team to make football an inclusive space.’

Candi only became aware of MHFC’s real name when they were tagged in a post containing offensive content before last weekend’s game. 

The London Football League confirmed this weekend’s postponement and released a statement that read: ‘We prefer to await the conclusion of the Football Association investigation before offering our opinion on this matter.’

The FA investigation was launched last week, with a spokesperson adding: ‘We are working with the Amateur Football Alliance to support their investigation so that the appropriate steps can be taken. 

‘We strongly condemn all forms of misogyny, which has no place in football or wider society, and we will ensure action is taken against any club or individual that is found guilty of this behaviour. 

‘All allegations of this nature are taken very seriously and will not be tolerated in our game.’

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