My attention-grabbing mother plans to wear a young, prom-like dress to my wedding – and even my groom thinks it’s too bridal

A mother-of-the-bride has been criticized for planning to wear an ‘attention-grabbing’ dress to her daughter’s wedding. 

The bride, thought to be from the US, took to Reddit to share a snap of the outfit her mother is considering wearing to her big day, saying her fiancé says ‘it is too bridal.’

Featuring silver detailing and embroidery, the frock is a tulle peach ball gown with an extremely low cut neckline and a corset-style back.

Many commenters were left unimpressed by the dress, with some suggesting it was ‘very look at me’.

Sharing an array of pictures of the ensemble, the bride wrote: ‘Hey everyone, I’m the bride and my mom sent me this dress she plans to wear to my wedding. My fiancé says it is too bridal, but I am unsure and want others opinions please. 

A mother-of-the-bride has been criticized for planning to wear an 'attention-grabbing' dress (pictured) to her daughter's wedding

A mother-of-the-bride has been criticized for planning to wear an ‘attention-grabbing’ dress (pictured) to her daughter’s wedding

She added: ‘I haven’t been to a wedding before, so I really am not the best with these kinds of things. Thanks!’ 

People were shocked by the mother’s choice of dress for her daughter’s wedding, saying it was ‘not appropriate for the occasion’ and criticized her for trying to steal the spotlight. 

One person said: ‘This dress seems like mom’s trying to prove she still has it. Very attention-grabbing.’

Another wrote: ‘It’s too something. It just doesn’t seem like a traditional mother-of-the-bride dress. And since you posted it here, I think you are hesitant about it, and that’s what matters. It’s very “look at me” at an event that’s not about her.’

Someone else wrote: ‘I guess I’m making assumptions, but to me it’s reading too “young.” Like it looks like a prom dress.’ 

A fourth agreed, saying: ‘This looks like an over the top Sweet 16 dress. Or young prom dress. This is not a formal mother of bride dress.’  

Meanwhile, someone else said they agreed with the brides fiancé, saying: ‘I’m generally laid back about this kind of thing and say let people wear what makes them happy but I would draw the line at this. 

‘The label on it even says bridal couture. This is not fair on you and people’s attention will be on your mum for all the wrong reasons. I agree with your fiancé. I think you need to talk to her.’ 

The bride thanked everyone for their comments and added: ‘I agree with you, I think it definitely could be worn as a bridal gown! I wanted to see how others also feel about it, or if I’m just being crazy.’

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