Spine-chilling moment NYPD officer kills son holding his mother in a chokehold claiming he had a knife to her throat screaming at cops ‘shoot me’

Horrifying new footage shows that the moment an NYPD officer shot dead a man who was holding his mother in a chokehold while claiming to be armed with a knife. 

The terror unfolded in an apartment in The Bronx on December 23. The new bodycam video sees Officers Alex Morgese and Mohammad Hossain hurriedly entering the home after a 911 call was made about a man acting violently.

The caller claimed that the suspect, Michael Dotel, had ‘ingested drugs, was acting violently, and in possession of a knife.’ The video begins with the cops in the hallway of the building in the Bedford-section of the violence plagued borough.

Screams can be heard as one of the officers demands Dotel to let them in. As soon as the door opens, an unidentified person scurries out of the front door. 

The cops enter and are greeted by Dotel, 30, shouting: ‘Do it right now! Do it, I f***ing dare you! Do it! She’s gonna get it!’ 

‘You got a knife in your hand?,’ Morgese shouts back. ‘Shoot me! Shoot me! Right now!’ Dotel screams. ‘You got a knife?,’ Morgese answers. ‘Do it! Do it! Do it!,’ comes the response. 

Officer Alex Morgese can be seen on his partner's bodycam holding a gun to Michael Dotel, 30, as he holds his mother in a chokehold

Officer Alex Morgese can be seen on his partner’s bodycam holding a gun to Michael Dotel, 30, as he holds his mother in a chokehold 

Officer Mohammad Hossain can be seen with a taser drawn as the gunfire erupts

Officer Mohammad Hossain can be seen with a taser drawn as the gunfire erupts 

‘Where’s the knife? Drop the knife?,’ Morgese persists. ‘I got the knife!’ the assailant yells back. ‘Drop the knife! Where’s it?’ the officer asks once again. ‘Got it!’ Dotel says. 

At that point, Morgese shoots once at Dotel, killing him. The two victims who were in the home, his mother, Clary, 45, and his girlfriend, 19.

Clary told local outlet The Norwood News that she did not believe that the police handled the incident well while adding that she had sought help for son for weeks before the shooting. 

He even went to St. Barnabas Hospital to be treated for depression but said: ‘They didn’t help me… They didn’t do anything.’ 

The outlet also posted photo of a small shrine that was erected in memory of Dotel outside of his home. 

‘To the first love of my life, I can’t believe I’m sitting here writing this. It pains me that you are no longer with us. He was depressed and he had a lot of problems. It’s very sad,’ the message, penned by Dotel’s sister, read. 

‘My son became crazy and tried to kill me. I felt like I was having a heart attack,’ Clary told ABC New York in an interview at the time of the original incident. 

During the altercation, he was armed with a carving knife which he used to cut his girlfriend in the face. His mother was bleeding from the neck too, officers said. 

The suspect went by the nickname ‘The Hulk’ in his community due to his strength and size.

At the time of his death, Dotel was facing three criminal charges, reports The New York Post. The outlet adds that Dotel had a history of drug use and mental illness. 

The building were the shooting took place, Bedford Greenhouses, is a housing facility for those struggling with drugs and other issues. NYPD officers have been called to the building on several occasions. 

According to a crowdfunding page that was set up to help to pay for Dotel’s funeral, his mother said that her son is survived by two daughters, aged six months and three years.  

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